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Attendance Race

Who will win?

Our class weekly percentages are sent to our class - we then share these with the children. In assemblies we learn who is in the running for the term!


At the end of each term the class with the best attendance gets to have a pizza party! We also receive medals - bronze for 1 term, silver for 2 and, you've guessed it, we can even get gold if we have 100% attendance for the year! Ms Keely also rewards us with ice-cream and special trips - Summer 2016 some children will be selected to build a bear.. more details to follow! Parent(s)/carers of children with 100% attendance for the full year also receive flowers for their dedication to their children's learning.


Our attendance officer Mr Merridith helps us keep on track.



Picture 1 Weekly class attendance trophey.
Picture 2 Attendance display in KS2 hall.
Picture 3 Lots of proud children receiving their medals!
Picture 4 Pizza party!
Picture 5 Scooter attendance winner.