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Bears (Y2)

Meet the Year 2 team

Meet the Year 2 team 1
Meet the Year 2 team 2 Mrs Turner (Teacher)
Meet the Year 2 team 3 Miss Gell (Teacher)
Meet the Year 2 team 4 Ms Ashworth (TA)

Welcome back everyone!


We are really excited to be back at school learning with all our lovely Bears!

In our class, we have two teachers, Mrs Turner (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and Miss Gell (Wednesdays, Thursdays  and Fridays).  All week in the mornings we are helped by Mrs Ashworth.


Our PE sessions are on Tuesdays this term.  Please make sure you have your PE kit in school.  It would be a good idea to bring it and keep it in school till half term.  Please remember your wellington boots and a waterproof jacket for Outdoor learning with Mrs Wilson on a Wednesday afternoon. 


Reading is so important, especially in Year 2.  We ask everyone to bring their reading book and diary in school everyday.  As soon as you need your book changing, please put it in the 'Change Me' box.  If it is a short story/book, we might ask you to read it through twice before changing it.

Autumn 2 Homework Project

An overview for our Learning Challenges this year...

Can you travel around the World in 7 days?

We looked at the continents and oceans, labelling them on a world map.  Then we thought about different modes of transport and how we might travel to different parts of the World.


Do you want to live in Africa?

In this Learning Challenge, we will be looking at physical and human features of this country and in Africa - in particular with Kenya.  We will also be looking at African food, animals, weather and clothing.  During this term, we will also be having a day working with Adam Pepper .


The animals of Farthing Wood

Are we like the Animals of Farthing Wood? - this is our book based topic . We will be looking the countryside code, animal food chains and habitats, map work and music linked to all the animals.


How did the Great Fire of London start?

We will be looking at life in the past, linking it to people who may help us. We will be learning about significant historical events and people.


Who committed the crime?

This topic is PSHE based. Through this topic we will be able to recognise safe and unsafe situations,  know some basic rules for keeping safe, recognise the physical signs of feeling unsafe, understand that it is wrong to try to influence others to do risky and unsafe things,know what to do in an emergency and where to get help. The police, fire brigade and ambulance service will also be coming into school to meet the children.


Would you pay to go to school?


Would a butterfly make a good pet?

2017 Key Stage 1 tests

This 6-minute video provides information for parents about the Key Stage 1 tests, including the optional Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Test. A

Year 2 curriculum coverage