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Welcome to Bees!

Welcome to the Bee's homepage!


We have recently introduced a Bee camera which will be taken home every night with a member of the class.  When your child brings the camera home, the task is to take 3 photographs:

  1. a family photo (including pets)
  2. a photo of something they like doing
  3. a photo of their favourite toy


If you are doing something special outside of school and you would like to use the camera please let us know in advance...we would love the children to share their experiences with us and the rest of the class!


In Bees we go outside throughout the year to continue our learning.  Our little Bees will need wellies and warm coats, all labelled with your child's name.  Every day the children recieve milk and fruit, but we would like all children to have their own water bottle too.


We have a few initiatives that we have in Bees and would like to share them with you...


Tasty Tuesday Treat - This will always involve food!  Either a group of children (on a rota) or all children will take part to prepare and eat something.  It might be painting toast, buttering and eating it, it might be making a fruit salad etc.  This will change every time and will happen most Tuesdays with a member of staff.


Bertie - Bertie is our resident Bear and likes to enjoy visiting his friends!  Bertie was with us last year and he enjoyed spending weekends with everyone.  Children then shared their experiences of Bertie with all their friends.


Star of the day - Again this was an initiative from last year.  Every day a child from Bees will be chosen to be the star of the day.  This means they help the teacher during register, help with other jobs and is always first in the line when they are the star.  We like to award the star of the day for varying reasons...sometimes it is something we have noticed and sometimes it is given for something they have done at home.  We love hearing from parents about what our Bees get up to when they are not with us!



PE will be every week. The children will be learning to follow instructions to play simple games.  We will be encouraging the children to change themselves. Please make sure that black shorts and a white t-shirt are in school.  It would be really helpful if all the clothes are labelled.  As it will be indoors, the children will be bare foot and therefore will not need plimsoles or trainers.



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