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Meet the Year 1 team

Meet the Year 1 team 1
Meet the Year 1 team 2 Miss Grafton (Teacher)
Meet the Year 1 team 3 Mrs Warnes (TA)

Last updated:  Tuesday 20th June 2017 (See updated blog page below)

A very warm welcome to Bumblebee's Class page!

This page is updated regularly with some of the interesting activities that we experience on a daily basis. I look forward to sharing these with you throughout the year as your children progress in their learning. As always you are strongly encouraged to discuss any ideas, suggestions or concerns you may have with me at the end of the school day or arrange a time and day that is most convenient for you.

Miss Grafton & Mrs Warnes  smiley



Summer 2 - This half term we are learning all about directions, maps and also electricity. Could you find your way in the dark? 

Your CHALLENGE: can you create a model, or a map, or a diagram of your house? Can you talk us through the layout of your house using directional language?


They will still receive Read Write Inc work set by their RWI teacher - this is often reading their book at home. If you would like to support your child at home, you can speak to me at the end of the day to discuss specific activities or tasks that will be most beneficial.


PE - Summer 2

Please ensure your have a labelled PE kit in school on a Tuesday (Sports coach).

We will also sometimes have PE on a Friday but this doesn't require a PE kit.


Click on Summer 2 to see our current class blog.

Year 1 curriculum coverage

Learning Challenge questions:

Autumn 1: Who am I? (all about ourselves)

Autumn 2: Would Robin Hood have seen sunflowers? (plants)

Spring 1: Does it rain everywhere? (Seasonal changes)

Spring 2: Are all animals the same? (animals based book unit)

Summer 1: Can you make a car out of wool? (materials)

Summer 2: Will you find your way in the dark? (light and shadows)


At Westglade we like to tie as much of our learning as possible (particular in History, Geography, Computing, DT, ART) to our Learning Challenge questions. Every half term we will also have a key Science focus that fits - you can see this in brackets next to the above questions. We aim to link our Literacy and Numeracy lessons to the underlying theme, too. For a more detailed overview see the attached PDF. As always this is subject to change but will give your a flavour of what's to come.