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Welcome to Westglade's Creative Curriculum.


The majority of our teaching in History, Geography, Science, Music, Art, D&T and other subjects areas is covered through our 'Learning Challenges'. A yearly overview for each year group is included below. We like to make learning relevant to engage the children we teach. The way we have chosen to do this is through child initiated questioning. We talk with our class about what it is they are interested in and we structure an overarching Learning Challenge question, and a series of smaller questions within the theme, through discussions with them. We then make sure we have coverage of the curriculum in the ways in which we answer the children's questions. The majority of the time Literacy and Numeracy is also tied in to these central questions.


For example in a Year 1 Learning Challenge question 'Why does Robin Hood have a bow and arrow?' 

Literacy may involve re-telling the story verbally, through role-play, sequencing, writing a story, writing a recount of a school trip to Sherwood forest, creating a wanted poster, creating character descriptions, arguing for a view point (was he right to steal from the rich?) and many many more.


Numeracy can always use a Learning Challenge question to make our problem solving sessions relevant and interesting for the children. For example, if Robin Hood has 12 bows to share between himself and Little John, how many will they have each?


If you would like to find out more information about our curriculum or what your particular class is learning, please speak to your class teacher at the end of the day. We are always happy to help!

Phonics + Early Reading

We follow the Read Write Inc programme in KS1 and Shared Reading in KS2. Please click the below link to find out more information about this scheme of work.

Please see the below for our Literacy coverage and our overarching Learning Challenges for each year group.

Learning Challenge Curriculum Overview - 2018-19