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See our blog page for big whole school enrichment events or activities.
See our up-to-date blog pages for class specific enrichments.

Below is a sample of some of the enrichments

we have provided.

Picture 1 African Themed Day Y2 - Adam Pepper
Picture 2 Gladiator Day Y5 - Adam Pepper
Picture 3 Anglo Saxon Day at Notts Cast
Picture 4 Animal Visitors Y1
Picture 5 ART week
Picture 6 Attendance Awards
Picture 7 Autumn Disco
Picture 8 Baking linked to learning across all classes
Picture 9 Balloon Man Paul in F2
Picture 10 Basketball (+other clubs)
Picture 11 Battle of Somme Assembly
Picture 12 Bonfire Night
Picture 13 Breakfast Club
Picture 14 British Legion Assembly
Picture 15 Christmas Fair
Picture 16 Christmas Parties
Picture 17 Church Y1
Picture 18 Class Hamster
Picture 19 Dance coach
Picture 20 Decorating biscuits with parents Y1
Picture 21 Donating to the food bank
Picture 22 Easter egg competition (parental involvement)
Picture 23 Extreme weather filming Y1 - Adam Pepper
Picture 24 Light house day F2 - Adam Pepper
Picture 25 Water wall provision F2
Picture 26 Family tickets to the panto
Picture 27 Outside grounds
Picture 28 Film reward trip
Picture 29 Fire Brigade Y2
Picture 30 Fire Pit
Picture 31 First responders Y2
Picture 32 Foundation Christmas Play
Picture 33 Free to be me council
Picture 34 Friendship+conflict resolution ambassador benches
Picture 35 Gary the class snail F2
Picture 36 Gold book to celebrate achievements
Picture 37 Gold Medallist Keslie Campbell Aseembly
Picture 38 Green for NSPCC day
Picture 39 Harvest Festival
Picture 40 Head boy and girl (and council)
Picture 41 Healthy meal competition (at home)
Picture 42 Homework projects
Picture 43 Stimulus
Picture 44 into film festival
Picture 45 investing in provision
Picture 46 Marvellous me to engage parents
Picture 47 up-levelling reading provisions
Picture 48 investing in playtimes
Picture 49 use of iPads
Picture 50 KS1 Christmas play
Picture 51 KS1 Spaces
Picture 52 KS2 Spaces
Picture 53 use of laptops
Picture 54 leaning Spanish with Rise Park Y6
Picture 55 Lunchtime nuture clubs
Picture 56 Manor Farm Y1
Picture 57 Food tasting across the school
Picture 58 improving our menu choices
Picture 59 Our mini wood outside
Picture 60 NCN Science course with children and parents
Picture 61 Notts county football sessions
Picture 62 Notts county reading with children
Picture 63 Noots country tickets for 100% attendance
Picture 64 NSPCC sessions and assembly
Picture 65 Observing changes over time in a hands on way
Picture 66 Outdoor equipment
Picture 67 Outdoor learning
Picture 68 Outdoor additions
Picture 69 Pancakes day
Picture 70 parents invited to Easter activities Y1
Picture 71 Partake fire of London Y2
Picture 72 PE coaches
Picture 73 Peter Pan Panto
Picture 74 Pizza party Y4 Attendance
Picture 75 Planting across school
Picture 76 Planting bulbs Y1
Picture 77 Planting for the Summer Fair stall
Picture 78 Police Y2
Picture 79 RE weeks
Picture 80 Red Nose Day
Picture 81 School Council Reps
Picture 82 Sherwood Pines Gruffalo Trail F2
Picture 83 Shoe bow appeal
Picture 84 Singing Mr Sands
Picture 85 Spanish themed day
Picture 86 Sports day
Picture 87 Spring Disco
Picture 88 Tennis session
Picture 89 Themed Pancake Day
Picture 90 Tom Hall ran philosophy for children sessions
Picture 91 Planting 70+ trees
Picture 92 Upgrading the dinning room
Picture 93 Using microscopes
Picture 94 Visit from the local church for Easter last supper
Picture 95 Westglade's Got Talent
Picture 96 World book day winners trip
Picture 97 World Book Day
Picture 98 Community First Responders CPR Y2
Picture 99 Church visit Y2
Picture 100 Mount Everest Day Y3 - Adam Pepper
Picture 101 New Walk Museum Y3 - Egyptian day
Picture 102 Eyam Museum Y4
Picture 103 Cogs and gears day Y5
Picture 104 Culture Day TVA Y5
Picture 105 Holocaust Centre Y6
Picture 106 Australian Stick Insects Y6
Picture 107 Transition Days Y6
Picture 108 IMPS Defibrillators Y6
Picture 109 Zoolab in Foundation and Year 1