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Meet the Nursery team

Meet the Nursery team 1 Ladybirds
Meet the Nursery team 2 Mrs Pickering (Teacher)
Meet the Nursery team 3 Mrs Turner (Teacher)
Meet the Nursery team 4 Mrs Mitchell (TA)
Meet the Nursery team 5 Miss Browne (TA, 2 days)
Meet the Nursery team 6 Miss Coles (TA, 3 days)
Meet the Nursery team 7 Mrs Stevenson (TA, until maternity)
Meet the Nursery team 8 Mrs Fearne-Smythe (TA)



A lot of our lovely Ladybirds have been off ill this week wink .  While they have been off, we have been looking and celebrating those children who can write their own name (from memory!).  Here are a few of them:

WOW Writers!

WOW Writers! 1
WOW Writers! 2
WOW Writers! 3
WOW Writers! 4
WOW Writers! 5
WOW Writers! 6
WOW Writers! 7

Welcome to Ladybirds!  We are the Nursery class.  In and out of the class we have lots of fun exploring and learning!


We are very lucky because we have two teachers in our class.  Mrs Turner is the teacher on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Pickering is the teacher on a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday!      Mrs Pomeroy works with us on Wednesday morning.

 Every day Mrs Turner and Mrs Pickering are joined by Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Clay and Miss Coles.  On a Monday, Thursday afternoon and Friday we are joined by Miss Browne.


The staff are always available if you have any questions or concerns.  We understand that our Ladybirds are young and so we are happy to share with you what they have done through the day and what they have eaten etc.


There are lots of things to think about when coming to school so it would be really helpful to have some things in school all the time to make it easier for all our little Ladybirds:

  • Indoor PE kit (black shorts and a white t-shirt)
  • A set of spare clothes
  • A set of wellies (so that we can go outside no matter what the weather)


Ladybirds need to bring a water bottle that they can drink from through the day as and when they need it.  They will get milk and fruit every morning.


On PE days - Wednesdays throughout the year, it would be really helpful if children could have their earnings taken out on the morning.

Please also make sure that all items of clothing and footwear has your child's name in.  They sometimes find it difficult to remember what is theirs!

Please be happy for us to learn....

Please be happy for us to learn.... 1
We have lots of fun exploring in the different areas inside and outside of the classroom.  During messy activities, the children wear aprons, but sometimes they still get a little dirty. Our display in the classroom explains what we have been doing!

We update our webpage often.  Make sure that you go onto our blog page for the current term to see what we have been up to!

Autumn 2


This term our Learning Challenge is all about Celebrations! Each week, we will be looking at different types of celebrations from different religions.  We are really looking forward to enjoying more books, creating more art, learning more skills and preparing and eating more food together!


Our books this half term are:

Week 1 - Owl Babies

Week 2 - Can't you sleep little bear

Week 3 - Kipper's birthday

Week 4 - Lightning the lamp

Week 5 - The Christmas story


Autumn 1


Our Learning Challenge this half term is 'Are we all the same?'

We are finding out more about ourselves through reading a different book every week.

Books to be read this half term

Each week in Ladybirds, we have a book that is our focus.  From this book we have thought about some activities that link with the story.  We also listen and look at the creativity of the children.  We are led by the children and explore what they want to explore.


Week 1 and 2 - Goldilocks and the three bears

Week 3 - Peace at Last

Week 4 - Whatever Next

Week 5 -  Brown Bear Brown Bear 

Week 6 -  Because I love you

Week 7 - We are going on a bear hunt


During each week, normally on a Tuesday we will be preparing and sampling some tasty treats.  This is so the children can develop their fine motor skills, learn how to prepare and make simple foods, but also to try different tastes with their friends.

A sneaky peek into our Ladybird world!