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Read Write Inc.

Read Write Inc is a whole-school literacy programme for 4-11-year-olds designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.  


The Programme contains:

  • Phonics for early reading and writing (incl spellings)
  • Literacy and Language for developing comprehension, writing and spoken language skills
  • Fresh start for catching struggling readers



Read Write Inc at Westglade Primary


We have implemented this scheme wholeheartedly across the whole school. The majority of teaching and support staff have their own RWI group for the first 45 minutes of every day (Monday - Thursday, with 'Big Write' happening on Friday). Children are re assessed at the end of every half term, with assessments being moderated, which allows quick movement between groups for children who are making rapid progress.  It also shows which children need more practise in a group. We are already seeing good and outstanding progress for the vast majority of pupils.


The majority of pupils will be taking home a RWI book. These are changed in RWI lessons every 3 or 5 sessions - depending on the group they are in. Homework is sometimes set around this book - but the main task for home is to read their RWI book.  Children need to bring in their RWI book every day!


Those children who are in the beginning stages of the programme may not have a RWI book. Instead they will have a 'Ditty' sheet which they have read within their group.  This will be sent home to be practised like the RWI books.


All children within school are given a levelled reading book and the opportunity to visit the school library.  Our aim is encourage our children to read and enjoy reading.  With a variety of new books in our library area (in key stage 1 hall) we hope we will achieve this!