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Spring 2 - How did Anglo-Saxons prepare for a Viking raid?

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Welcome back to the start of Spring 2 where we will be exploring the Learning Challenge question: How did Anglo-Saxons prepare for a Viking raid?


In Science we will be recognising that we need light in order to see things and that the dark is the absence of light. We will be noticing that light is reflected from surfaces and that light form the sun can be dangerous. We will think of ways to protect out eyes. We will recognise that shadows are formed when the light from a light source if blocked by a solid objects and will explore patterns in the way that the size of shadows change.


Our main learning driver will be history this half term, where we explore Britain's settlement by the Anglo-Saxons, Scots and raids by Vikings. Through this we will learn about their way of life, how they interacted with one another and how this differs to today. From this we will explore the notion of raiding and how to prepare to prevent one.What tools would be needed? Were raids bad? Who raided?


In our Art week we will explore great artists, architects and designers in history and will also use technologies effectively to evaluate digital content.


As always we will continue to weave computing, D&T, music, PE etc into these broader themes.


The Year 3 team

The Anglo-Saxons in Britain

For over 600 years the Anglo-Saxons were settled in Britain replacing many of the Roman stone buildings with new buildings of their own. At the same time they brought Christianity to the country.

Life in Anglo Saxon Britain | History - The Story of Britain

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