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Summer 1 - Would you survive the Amazon?

Would you survive the Amazon?

Would you survive the Amazon? 1

To answer our Learning Challenge question you will have to apply all of your wits and cunning... are you up for the challenge?



Welcome back to the start of another exciting term! We can't wait to get started. We will be exploring the Amazon Rainforest through our Learning Challenge sessions and linking where possible to our English. In particular, we will be developing out geographical skills including fieldwork. We will explore the eight points of a compass, grid references, symbols and create keys. To do this will be use maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate countries and describe features studies.


In Science.. we will explore the topic of forces and magnets. We will compare how things move on different surfaces, notice that forces need contact but magnetic forces can act from a distance. We will observe how magnets attract or repel each other and attract some materials but not others. We will compare and group together a variety of everyday materials to identify them. By the end of the topic we should be able to describe magnets as having two poles and predict whether two magnets will attract or repel each other, depending on which poles are facing.

Virtual Field Trip - Amazon Rainforest

Visit to learn more Introduce your students to the layers of the rainforest and the animals who live there. Explore the adaptations that have evolved over time.

Fun with Magnets!

North South East West | Cardinal Directions | Geography for Kids | Geography Games

Learn the Cardinal Directions North South & East West with a bonus Directions Geography Quiz at the end! Maps and Directions are important to learn about and understand for a basic foundation of geographic concepts for young learners!

How Compass works -Magnetism Lesson for Kids

How a COMPASS works!