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Westglade Mathematicians

Marvellous Maths at Westglade.

What our Pupil Council think of Maths at Westglade.

Owen (Koalas): Maths is exciting because we do a lot  of fun activities.

Marissa (Bumblebees): I like maths because we learn more things.

Samuel (Bears): Sums are interesting.

Sienna (Bears): Maths is interesting because we learn new things.

Lewis (Meerkats): I feel focused when doing calculations. It makes me think more.

Renae (Meerkats): Maths is not just about learning number, we get to make models too.


At Westglade we have daily Maths lessons in all classes, from Nursery to Year 6. Staff use a variety of techniques to make the lessons fun and exciting. During lessons children have the opportunity to revisit learning objectives, apply new learning and practise skills learnt.

We monitor children's learning using Rising Stars materials. This helps in planning next steps in children's learning.

Meerkats completing Rising Stars Assessment

Meerkats completing Rising Stars Assessment 1

Pupil Council children were asked their opinion on the Rising Stars assessment.

Anesu (OWLS): I like the Rising Stars because they help me succeed in different areas of maths.

Olivia (Owls): I like the maths because sometimes it is challenging and I like how it makes me feel when I progress with my learning.

Demi-Lee (Gorillas): I find Rising Stars challenges me to improve my scores each time.

Lennon (Gorillas): Rising Stars is helpful to me because it pushes me to work on areas I struggle with. 

Our Working Walls

Look on each class page to see Maths in Action across the school


Olympic Times Tables

We have launched Times Table Olympics in Years 2-6

Children must learn their times tables to pass the following awards:

X 10 – quarter finals

X2,5 – semi finals

X 2,5,10 – finalist

X 2,3,4,5,10 – Bronze – certificate

X 3,4,6,11 – silver – certificate

X 7,8,9,12 – gold – certificate

All tables mixed – Championship medal

100 mixed tables – Olympic medal


Olympic Times Tables

Olympic Times Tables 1
Olympic Times Tables 2

Olympic Times Tables display

Olympic Times Tables display 1

These year 6 children have commented on our Olympic Times tables:

Blake: I like to challenge myself to get higher than the teacher.

Taylor: I like to push myself to get a higher score and certificate.

Bobby: It is tough but it helps you progress!