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Westglade Scientists

At Westglade we all love to learn Science.  As well as the Science we learn in class, we also use our outdoor areas such as the playground, field, wooded areas and the allotment.  See below for photos of some of our Science lessons in action.  If you take a look at our class pages, you will see more of our fantastic, fun learning.

Cogs and Gears Day

As part of our school's partnership with The Ogden Trust, 3 of Y5's aspiring scientists attended a day's workshop at Nottingham Girls' High School.  They spent the day learning about cogs and gears.  They built a clock and experimented with pendulums.  The children involved had a great day and were excellent ambassadors for our school.  Miss Pearson, who accompanied them, was very proud of them all.

Cogs and Gears Day

Classroom Science Displays

When you walk around school, you will see displays of our Science learning.  Here are some examples of our work.

Classroom Science Displays

Y3 and 4 Science Club

Mrs White ran a Science club for Year 3 and 4.  We worked towards the CREST superstar award.  Each week, we had fun carrying out a new investigation.

Year 3 and 4 Science club

Nottingham University Inflativerse

Students from Nottingham University brought their Inflativerse (an inflatable planetarium) to Westglade.  We learnt about some of the stars and the myths told about how some of the constellations were created.

Picture 1

Learning with our parents

Some children in Year 3, 4 and 5 have had the opportunity to learn Science alongside their parents.  Everyone agreed that this was a great event and they are looking forward to completing the sessions.  We hope to be able to offer this to more parents in the future.

Science at home

Why not try some Science at home?  If you do some Science, let your teacher know.  You could take some photos to show your friends what you have learnt.  We could even post some photos here of your Science in action. Below are some ideas to get you started:

Ketchup Coins

1. Put some dirty copper coins on a plate

2. Squeeze or dollop a small amount of ketchup on to each one

3. Leave the coins for about an hour

4. Rinse off the ketchup

5. What do you notice?


Bubble Trouble

1. Put some lemonade or clear fizzy drink into a glass

2. Drop a handful of raisins into the liquid

3. Watch what happens to the raisins

Rainbow Magic

1.  Go out into the garden on a sunny day with a hose

2. Point the hosepipe away from you towards a dark fence or wall

3. Stand with your back to the sun and turn the water on

4.  See what colours you can spot in the spray

Growing Shadows

1. Take a friend, your notebook and a tape measure out into the park, or the garden, on a sunny morning

2. Take it in turns to stand still and measure each other's shadows

3. Do the same thing in the middle of the day and again in the late afternoon

4. Write down the measurements in your notebook each time

5. What changes do you notice?