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Woodpeckers (Y2)

Meet the Year 2 team

Meet the Year 2 team 1
Meet the Year 2 team 2 Mrs Weyon (Teacher)
Meet the Year 2 team 3 Mrs Baskill (TA)

Welcome to Woodpeckers. We have an exciting year ahead of us.


Our Learning Challenge topics over the year are:


Autumn 1 - Would you like to live in Africa?

We will be comparing what it is like to live in Great Britain to living in Africa. We will learn about the weather, landscape, food and clothing. Mr Pepper will also be working with us to create a shadow puppet show based on a story from the Masi Mara.


Autumn 2 - Who lives in Farthing Wood?

We will be reading the book Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann. We will learning about different habitats in science, creating maps of the animals journey for geography and


Spring 1 - Could the Great Fire of London Happen again?

We will learning all about the Great Fire of London that started in Pudding Lane in 1666. We will create our own London Townhouse as part of Design and Technology and understand timelines to show what has happened in the past. For science we will be investigating plants.


Spring 2 - Who committed the crime?

We will be learning all about the emergency services and people that help us.

Summer 1 - Would you pay to go to school?

We will be learning about the Victorians and what it would be like to live when Queen Victoria was on the throne.

Summer 2 -


We will be having PE with Mr Strachan on a Tuesday afternoon. Please can you bring a dark pair of shorts and a white t-shirt.


Homework will go out on a Friday and please can we have it back in on the following Wednesday. If there are any problems please talk to one of the team and we will try to help.


Please can you make sure that clothes are labelled, especially jumpers. It also helps us when we are reuniting lost owners.


Important dates




2017 Key Stage 1 tests

This 6-minute video provides information for parents about the Key Stage 1 tests, including the optional Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Test.

Year 2 curriculum coverage