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All about Bertie

This is Bertie!

Bertie is new to Ladybirds too!  He loves exploring and learning all about his friends.


Bertie will be going home with a different child every Friday for the weekend.  He hopefully will learn lots about his friends, but also learning to do new things....


Mrs Turner took Bertie home to meet her family.  He got lots of hugs and even learned how to wash up!  There was just enough time to quickly nip to the park before returning to school!  

The aim of sending Bertie home with the children is so they can share with the rest of the class on a Monday what they did during the weekend.  We look forward to hearing all about his adventures!  Watch this space!

Bertie's Diary


Bertie has been enjoying his weekends with some of our Ladybirds.  He's been to the park,  the farm and has eaten lots of different foods!  One of his highlights is having lots of cuddles!

The photos below show you what Bertie has done (taken from his diary that goes everywhere with him!)


Bertie's Diary - Photos