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Autumn 1 - What memories will you treasure forever?

Maths - Ordering Numbers

Hungry Caterpillar and Butterfly artwork

Welcome back! 
I hope you all had a wonderful summer with your families! It might feel a bit weird to be back at school after so long away, but me and Mrs Mitchell will be here to make sure you have a fantastic time and learn lots! 

Our first topic is 'What memories will you treasure forever?' 

We will be thinking about 'past' and 'present', comparing things that are old/new, making a memory box and photo frame. We will also set up a timeline of our year to support the children in understanding past/present/future. 



We will be focusing on counting to and from 10 and ensuring good knowledge of the numbers between 0 and 10. 

Here's a song to help you practise counting:



Practising reading and writing using our phonics, writing simple sentences.

Why not try the Phonics Play website to practise your sounds?

Also find some great eBooks at 



All about the body and the five senses! 


Topic homework

What memories are important to you? Can you create a poster/model/book/picture/diary extract of a memory that you love? It could be a special trip, a special toy or a special day. You can make it using whatever you like - there are no right or wrong ways of doing it! It is your chance to share a special event with us :) 

ALSO.... as part of our topic it would be great if you could bring in a photograph of a special moment (it can be anything!) as we will be making a photo frame for them. I will make a copy of the original and send the original back home for you to keep safe! 

Piet Mondrian

This year we are going to be looking at the work of different artists. The first one is Mondrian; linked in to work we will do on primary colours and colour mixing. 

Here is a link to some information about him if you would like to find out more...


Here is an example of his work too!