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Autumn 1

Check out what we got up to during RE week!

Look at our lovely new resource to help us with our fluency in maths!

Conducting police interviews ready for our police reports on the Twits dissappearance.

We came back to our classroom and it had been trashed by Mr and Mrs Twit!

Look at our brand new reading corner!

Transition day - outside sports

5th July Transition Day - Maths Problem solving outside with both (soon to be) Year 3 classes

Can a Kestrel live off baked beans?


Welcome back to the start of the academic year and the first of many exciting learning challenges that we have coming up! I hope you have had a wonderful Summer and I look forward to hearing all about it. Do you think a Kestrel could live off baked beans alone? Why? Why not? As much of our learning as possible will be tied to this central question.


Our key drivers are Science and Geography.


In Science... we will be learning about nutrition and that animals, including humans, get nutrition from what they eat. We will identifying different skeletons and muscle groups and thinking about how they can be used for support, protection and movement.


In Geography... we will be learning to use fieldwork to observe, measure, record and present the human and physical features in the local area. This will be through using a range of methods, including sketching maps, making plans and graphs as well as digital technologies. We will also begin our Year 3 sketch books.


We will be weaving in cooking, computing, PE, composing music and D&T as we go along. Where possible our Maths and English will also be topic linked. For example, in computing we will be creating David Attenborough documentaries on the iPads and fact find for this in our English sessions.


As always I will be using Marvellous Me to keep you updated weekly and send home information :)