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Autumn 1 - Can a Robin live off baked beans?

More homework projects :)

What a lovely way to spend Friday Golden Time

Some cracking homework projects have been shared today ! :)

We have had another incredible Big Write today (13th Oct) writing a news report about the disappearance of the Twits. We have loved Royals Dahl and can't wait to read more!

Look at the disgusting mess we found in our classroom after PE today! Who could have done it??

Finding a home for our bird feeders!

Making our bird feeders.

We love a good book in class Robins!

Test us on our Spanish! We have been practising. A few key phrases!

We are loving our PE sessions with Gordon

Who can build the tallest tower?

Proud teacher moment - newly Year 3 and already smashing their Big Write drafts. I can't wait to take these home and read them this weekend!

(Below is a version we wrote together. Many of the children's ideas were infinitely better when they came to write their own!)


A day in the life of a robin


7:00 – On a freezing cold, frosty and icy morning a courageous robin is about to emerge from her warm nest and venture out into the big, bad world. If you look closely, you will see that her nest is full to the brim with feathers to insulate against the chilly September morning. Winter is coming. She peers down at the hard ground below and must feel a rumble the size of an earthquake in her belly as she has made the dangerous decision to go in search of food.


8:00 - Before she can go in search of that precious life force she must begin her daily ritual. Bird song. High-pitched and pure. She shares her garden with a neighbour, a human, who can be found peering through the blue kitchen window searching for the source of the music. Sometimes the human spots the flash of red as the robin hops along the fence. Sometimes she doesn’t and is only aware of her presence as the bird song pierces the still morning air.


*The robin lifts her head and a beautiful song emerges, filling the blue sky.*


9:00 – As quick as a flash the red-breasted robin swoops down from her high advantage point and lands with a gentle thump onto luscious green grass. She has a cunning trick to bring the food that lurks below to the surface. Rain. Rain is her friend, or at least the pretence of it. She gently mimics the rain by softly tapping the ground with her feet. She jumps from side to side in a dance. Who will win? Her or the worms below? Suddenly, not long after, she pauses. She can hear something under her flat sharp feet. Her eagle eyes are trained on the ground. Ready. Prepared for any eventuality. Then it happens. She pounces. The fight doesn’t last long. It had been lost even before it started. Her sharp beak is no match for the worm’s tender flesh.


*The robin rises from the ground and gracefully flies back to the top branch of a nearby tree that hosts her tiny chicks.*

Times Tables Rockstars

You will soon receive your child's log in details. You can download the app for free and it is a great way to improve your skills in a fun way! Miss Grafton's been practising, can you beat her?

I will regularly use Marvellous Me to keep you informed. Make sure you download the App and ask for your child's code again if you've lost it .

Picnic on the field

Can a Robin live off baked beans?

Welcome back to the start of the academic year and the first of many exciting learning challenges that we have coming up! I hope you have had a wonderful Summer and I look forward to hearing all about it. Do you think a Robin could live off baked beans alone? Why? Why not? As much of our learning as possible will be tied to this central question.


Our key drivers are Science and Geography.


In Science... we will be learning about nutrition and that animals, including humans, get nutrition from what they eat. We will identifying different skeletons and muscle groups and thinking about how they can be used for support, protection and movement.


In Geography... we will be learning to use fieldwork to observe, measure, record and present the human and physical features in the local area. This will be through using a range of methods, including sketching maps, making plans and graphs as well as digital technologies. We will also begin our Year 3 sketch books.


We will be weaving in cooking, computing, PE, composing music and D&T as we go along. Where possible our Maths and English will also be topic linked. For example, in computing we will be creating David Attenborough documentaries on the iPads and fact find for this in our English sessions.


As always I will be using Marvellous Me to keep you updated weekly and send home information :)


Miss Grafton & Mrs Ashworth

Transition day - outside sports

Transition day - Art photos

5th July Transition Day - Maths Problem solving outside with both (soon to be) Year 3 classes