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Autumn 1 - How can we help refugees?

Hello and welcome to the autumn term 1! Miss Lord and I are excited to launch or topic this half-term which is exploring the lives of refugees. Our learning challenge question is 'How can we help refugees?' Through this topic we will be investigating the following points:

What is a refugee?

Are there still refugees today?

How do you become a refugee?

Will there be refugees forever?

How would a refugee feel after leaving their country?

Can you create a safe shelter for a refugee?


Throughout the half-term we will be using the book Kunkush- the story of a refugee cat to help shape our writing and shared reading topics. We will retell the story in our own words, write a letter as Kunkush to home and write a diary entry discussing our feelings and emotions as though we were Kunkush. Click the link to watch the true story of Kunkush the refugee cat!

Image result for kunkush a refugee cat


We will make links to current refugee crises across the world and explore historical refugee crises such as those in world war 2.

Maths this half-term we are focussing on place value. Following on from that, we are adding and subtracting using a variety of methods both using pictures and formal written methods.


Science- we are looking at how water is transported through plants and what plants need to survive. We will be trying this experiment ourselves! What do you predict will happen?

Image result for water transportation in plants year 3


Dance will be every Tuesday and PE every Friday this half-term so please remember you kits!


Homework will be given out every Friday and be expected to returned the following Wednesday. This half-term our homework is English and Maths based on the weekly learning.


Save the date: on Monday 9th September 2019 The Education Library will be visiting Westlglade so that year 3 can choose their own books linked to our Learning Challenge and Science topics!

We loved exploring in the allotment and helping Miss Lord! We looked at a variety of plants and discussed their parts individually along with their functions.

We loved helping Miss Morris clean out Paul and Rodger’s cage. We learnt where hay and sawdust comes from and why it is important to keep pet cages clean.

We have enjoyed using both chalks and pastels to get creative this half term creating two separate pieces of art work. The first, our own interpretation of goose fair at night. The second, a copy of a refugee boat on the sea at night.

We did some fantastic group work during Religious Education week. We learnt about a range of religions and the religious texts that each use. Here we are acting out a story from the Bible and creating our own rules to follow similar to the 5 pillars of Islam.