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Autumn 1 - Past

Autumn 1 is now finished. Want to know what we're getting up to next? Click Autumn 2 below.

Planting bulbs ready for Spring.

creating a timestables necklace

Show and Tell

Team work makes the dream work - who can build the tallest tower?

Mixing primary colours.

We have been learning to mix primary colours. Most of the paint made it onto the paper.

Challenge: each child was given a sweet before putting on a 10minute short film. They could eat it straight away or wait until the end of the film when they'd be given a 2nd one for their patience.

We have been learning to sequence the days of the week and the months of the year.

Science - What do our bones look like underneath our skin?

Instruction writing - 'How to look after a baby'. Miss Brown brought in her new baby to hook us in our learning.

We have been finding and acting out verbs around school. What things can you do?

12th Sept - We have been learning all about our bodies!

Did you know a city has a cathedral? These are our stained glass cathedral windows.

Computing using Scratch Jr

Bumblebees enjoyed finding shadows today! (1st Sept)

The Skeleton Dance

Get a head start on our Learning Challenge by learning more about your bones!

26th August 2016

Welcome message

Hello Bumblebees and welcome back after the Summer holidays! Mrs Warnes (formerly Miss Brettle) and I are already looking forward to all the exciting activities we have coming up so I hope you're as ready and raring to go as we are. This half term we are learning all about ourselves. In Science we will be learning all about our bodies and healthy eating. In Geography we will identify and locate countries within the United Kingdom and the surrounding seas. To find our more see our Curriculum planner (PDF) on the opening page of our class website


Throughout this year we will continue to make good use of Marvellous Me so make sure you have the app downloaded. If you've lost your code please ask :) Miss Grafton also regularly updates the school's twitter feed so be sure to give us a follow if you haven't already.


Miss Grafton & Mrs Warnes

P.S. Did you know you can sync your phone with the school's calendar?

Miss Grafton is as determined as ever to turn our classroom into a farm so say hello to our current 2 residents.

Miss Grafton has her fingers crossed Mrs Warnes will agree to a class pig. (But she isn't holding her breath.. cool)