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Autumn 1 - Were the Romans really rotten?

Were the Romans really as rotten as their reputation sometimes suggests? Is the history of the Roman Empire really horrible? We will be using the 'Horrible History - Rotten Romans' book as the inspiration for our Learning Challenge question this half term! We are learning all about the Roman Empire and it's impact on England and Europe.

Our DT project this half term is to design, make and evaluate our own chariot! We started by individually designing the chariot. We considered how it would move, protect the soldier and look. We then worked in teams to build the individual parts. It then all came together by exploring different ways to join. We also had to build an axel so the wheels would turn.


In English, we are exploring a disaster that happened in Ancient Roman times. In 79AD, a volcano called Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroyed the city of Pompeii. To understand what life might have been like, we are using the book 'Survivor: Escape from Pompeii' which tells the story of Marcus and his father as they try to survive the disaster.


In Maths we are learning about Place Value looking at numbers up to a million! We are also using the column method to add and subtract numbers with more than 4 digits. We are going to read and interpret line graphs and different types of tables.


We will be exploring the different properties of materials. We investigated transparency, hardness, conductivity (thermal and electrical) and magnetism.