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Autumn 1 - Were the Vikings vicious?

The children made musical instruments using everyday materials. We had some fantastically creative ideas!

We have been discussing slavery in the Viking times.

We have started learning how to put our clarinet together!

We are writing non-chronological reports about the Vikings

Art Week!

Exploring Viking Foods!

Welcome back to the start of Year 4 and Autumn 1. We are ready and raring to hit the ground running with the first of our many exciting topics. Last year in Year 3 you looked at the Anglo-Saxons in detail and briefly touched on the Vikings when they were raided. This half term's topic is 'Were the Vikings vicious' and we will turn to look at the Vikings and their way of life in more detail.


Through our Learning Challenge topic we will be answering questions such as: What was life like as a Viking? What did they eat? What role did slaves play within the Viking expansion? What Gods with the Vikings have? Were they ever defeated? How did they expand? What did they have to trade?


In our Science lessons we will be learning about 'sound'; how it is produced and altered. For example how do vibrations travel, patterns between the pitch of a sound and the features of an object, insultating sounds and how to measure them.


In English we will begin by looking at Beowulf, linked to our Learning Challenge history topic before moving on to fiction and then biographies (Venus and Serena Williams) linked to Black History month. The last week of this term is R.E. week and we will be exploring the power of parables.


In Maths we start with 4 weeks on Place Value, followed by 3 weeks on Addition and Subtraction.


We will be beginning our clarinet lessons this year on Monday afternoons and will have P.E. with Gordon on Wednesday mornings throughout Autumn 1.


We hope you've had a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you back again,

Miss Beeden & Mrs Warnes

Life in the Time of the Vikings | History - The Story of Britain

Autumn 1 homework overview

The above homework overview will be sent out in a hard copy the first week back and is displayed on the classroom window. Please let me know if seeing it in this form for the whole half term makes it easier for you to keep track and we will re-evaluate for Autumn 2.