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Autumn 1 - Were the Vikings vicious?

Were the Vikings really vicious?


In English... we will be writing instructions for a Viking burial, recipes for Viking foods and narratives exploring the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle.

In History... we will be exploring the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for Britain.

In Geography... we will be using UK maps, exploring settlements over time and how land use and culture changes.

In Science... we will be exploring how sounds are made, produced, types of sound, how it travels and how can be changed.

In Maths... we will covering our White Rose blocks on 'Place Value' and 'Addition and Subtraction'.


For more information please see our curriculum map for the year on our home page.


Are you ready for...?

  • Trying and cooking some Viking foods
  • Dressing up in style as a Viking
  • An exciting trip to the Jorvik Viking centre in York where you will re-enact battle scenes and explore traditional Viking burials at sea (19th September, returning at 5pm)
  • A creative homework project to share with your class (information to follow)


RE Week (14th October 2019)

For our autumn RE week we will be exploring the power of parables, miracles and saints.


Viking invaders and settlers | History - The Vikings

Archaeologist Neil Oliver visits Lindisfarne, Repton and York to trace the Viking invasion and settlement in Anglo Saxon England.