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Autumn 1 - What would you leave behind for the future?

Thursday 10th October - Southglade Library Visit


The children really enjoyed the visit to the library this afternoon. We listened to different stories and sang some nursery rhymes. The children were then able to choose a book that they enjoyed to bring back to school. We all received a free bag too! Thank you to everyone who came with us and the library itself.


Tuesday 3rd September

The children have been practising their counting today and matching the correct amount of objects to a number.


Monday 2nd September 2019

The children made fantastic crayons today after reading the story 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. They decided which colour was their favourite and will be discussing how their crayon felt. 


Autumn 1

Welcome back to a fantastic half term! We have lots of exciting things planned for this half term so keep checking this page for updates on our fabulous learning in Year 1!


Learning Challenge

For the first two weeks of the half term we will be learning all about the story of 'The Day the Crayons Quit' were we will find out why the crayons decided to up and leave. We will be experimenting with colour mixing as well as using a map of the UK to try and find out where the crayons went.


In week three, we will be starting our learning challenge question 'What would you leave behind for the future?'. Our key objectives for this are for history as we will be discussing changes within living memory. For D&T we will be designing and building a box to keep our item in and recording our own film clips to go with them.


As our homework project for this half term we are asking the children to interview a member of their family to ask them what they would leave behind for the future. The children can record their answers in a picture or by writing. They will then present this to the class on the week beginning 14th October.



In English this half term, we will practise orally rehearsing our sentences and using our sounds to support us when writing them. We will be learning how to write letters and diary entries using capital letters and full stops.



In maths this half term, we will be reading, writing and counting to 10 as well as finding one more and one less than a given number. After this, we will be learning our number bonds to 10 and practising our addition and subtraction skills.



In Science this half term, we are exploring the seasons and how they change. We will be observing closely and asking questions about our outdoor surroundings, as well as recording what we see using photographs and drawings. After this we will be learning about everyday materials and distinguishing between objects and the materials they are made from. This will link in with our learning challenge when choosing a suitable material for our boxes.



Our R.E week this half term is week beginning 14th October 2019. Year 1 will be learning about Hinduism and the Festival of Light.