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Autumn 1- 'Who were the Vikings?'

Autumn 1



Welcome to our Autumn 1 blog page. During this half-term, you will mostly find us exploring all things Viking! Kicking off with the tale of the mighty, legendary, Viking warrior "Beowulf".  We will be exploring what everyday life was like as a Viking, understanding why the Vikings raided, what awaited them in Valhalla and the afterlife as well as much, much more.


Our science, for this half-term, focuses on all things related to SOUND. Join us as we explore and investigate how sounds are made, how sound travels as well as what makes loud and quiet sounds and why.


In our maths, we are focusing on our understanding of number and place value. We start with Roman Numerals, move on to rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and even 1000, before moving on to developing our skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


In our English, we are going to be exploring a plethora of creative and exciting stimuli to truly showcase our incredible literary abilities. Stay tuned for more!


For black history month, Falcons are focusing on these 2 sporting legends...

Look at us learning to play the clarinet! We sound ace!

On 26th September, we tried lots of Viking food...delicious

What has happened to our reading corner?


Year 4 had a bit of a surprise this morning when they discovered the state of our reading corner. We had so many questions to ask about it to discover the culprit's motive, but none of us could answer them. Fortunately, Mrs White, Miss Foster and Mrs Wilson could aid us with our enquiries. Watch this space as the story develops.

Oh my! Year 4 have been investigating a potential trespasser; investigations at the ready

Thinking deeply in Y4 maths

Some of our fantastic 'Beowulf' writing... not bad for our first big write in Year 4 😊

Getting to grips with mighty anti-hero "Beowulf". Look at our writing already!

Rounding our numbers to the nearest 10 and 100