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Stay and Play Dec 17


Thank you to everyone who stayed for Ladybird's Stay and Play this week.  We had so many parents stay we nearly ran out of room!!  Take a look at the photographs...



This week we have been starting to think about Christmas.  We have added a Post Office to our role playing this week for the children to wrap parcels, write and send letters to Santa. We started to make the room more festive by asking the children to help decorate the christmas tree!  We think you'll agree that they did a great job!


This week, we have also made paper chains and traditional gingerbread people!!


We looked at how Hindu's celebrate Diwali.  We ordered pictures of Diva pots based on size, had a simple mandala pattern on our hands and tasted a curry, naan bread and popodoms.  We finished off our celebrations by making our own diva pots with clay!


Have a look at all the lovely photos of what we have been up to!


This week we have been celebrating BIRTHDAYS. The children enjoyed lots of different activities linked with our topic.  The role play area was changed to a party room with dressing up clothes...this was by far the most popular!


Have a look at some of the photos taken this week!

Our birthday celebrations!

Children in Need Day

Autumn term 2


Last we settled back into our routines really well after having had 2 weeks off.  Have a look at a selection of photos taken from the week...

Bonfire Night


As part of our 'Celebrations' Learning challenge, we looked at how we celebrate Bonfire Night.  We created some BIG firework art outside using water sprayers and paint.  They were great fun and made a fantastic effect!  We used the end result as backing paper for our firework paintings inside the classroom!  Mrs Fearne-Smythe also helped us to make edible sparklers using marshmallows, melted chocolate and sprinkles....we all enjoyed eating them!!

Autumn Term 1

In our first week in school, we were looking at the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears.  Naturally, we thought about using porridge - to mark make in, but also to prepare and eat!  We also thought about using the oats for other things....including flapjacks!  

Some of the children helped to make the flapjacks but we ALL got to try them!  They were very tasty!

19th September

Today we buttered toast (just like Mr and Mrs Bear did in Peace at last!).  Some of us spread jam on our toast too!  We tried to cut our toast in half and then enjoyed eating it with our milk!

Toast time!

In the afternoon the children printed with their hands

Week beginning 25th September


We have been really busy this week!  Cutting skills has been a focus for us - cutting paper and leaves!  In Ladybirds,  we love to explore all the different areas in the class.

Fun learning this week!

Sandwiches and Picnic!


Using inspiration from our book this week (Whatever Next!), Ladybirds went on an adventure through school!  We went onto the field by the trees and enjoyed a picnic!  Our picnic was made up of sandwiches made by some of the class, our milk and an apple,


It was such a long journey for us, we were pleased of a sit down and some refreshments!

Our Picnic - 26.09.17

Learning from Autumn 1


We have had such a busy term....

  • Making new friends
  • Learning new skills
  • Listening to and retelling stories
  • Making foods on out Tasty Tuesday treats
  • Trying new tastes
  • Creating masterpieces (Painting, collages and box-modelling)


and so much more.....

Here are some of the things we have been busy with...

Inspired by our book this week, 'We're going on a bear hunt', we went on a bare foot walk.  The children loved exploring the feeling of different parts of the path!

Westglade's bare foot walk

As part of our topic  'Are we all the same',  we created our faces using food!  We created a pizza face!  We had lots of fun thinking about the different parts of our faces and how many we had of each (2 eyes, 1 nose etc).  Once they were cooked, we enjoyed eating them in the sunshine!