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Art Week


During Art week we looked at paintings of flowers by Renoir.


Then we created our own flower paintings.

Our Learning Challenge this half-term is both History and Geography based as we are finding out about Famous Explorers and the places they visited.  Today we have had a wonderful day, with Mr Adam Pepper, learning all about people who have climbed to the top of Mount Everest, " Because it's there!" and the famous explorer George Mallory.

We had fun with Maths this morning when we applied it to our PE lesson.



In our Spanish lesson we have been learning how to say Hello and How are you?  We have also been learning, numbers, days of the week and months of the year. 

  Months song

 Days of the week song

A week of performance poetry.

Outdoor Maths


How tall or wide do you think it is? Estimate and then measure.

Another fun outdoor learning session!


Can you guess what mini-beasts we have created using natural materials?

Our first Outdoor Learning session was brilliant.

Question - How do you transport water in a flower pot?


Answer - use acorns to plug the holes - well done Ashleigh's team!

This morning we had fun in the hall acting out our own alternate ending to The Enormous Crocodile.