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Stags' Christmas Jumper mannequin challenge

Uploaded by Mr Hallam on 2016-12-17.

Our classroom

Join the Stags this half-term as we journey through time and space! 


For our first Learning Challenge as year 5s, we are going to be exploring all things Roman as we try to see if the Romans really were rotten! We can't wait to share our knowledge on the blood-thirsty, yet ingenious people of Ancient Rome.


Also, for our Science, we are all about that space! Join us on our journey through the cosmos as we stop by the Sun, Moon, Earth and the Milky Way; what incredible things will we discover? Watch this space...

On Friday 7th October, we were visited by Mr Pepper and had a fantastic Gladiator day with him. We followed the journey of Verus, a Moesian slave who was bought and trained to be a gladiator. We story boarded his journey, wrote a diary about what life is like in the gladiator school and we even made posters demonstrating our learning. AND, some of us were lucky enough to take part in a gladiator 'Bushtucker Trial' in which we were blind folded and had to guess what food we were eating. We had such a fun time!

We work very hard in year 5! =)

We have been practicing our tennis skills in PE this half term.

Stags ball control skills

Practicing our control skills as part of our tennis learning

Saludos en Espanol


Each week, in Spanish lessons, we learn how to speak, read and write a range of phrases.  Today, we learnt how to greet each other.  We practised these conversations with a partner then showed the rest of the class.

Saludos en Espanol

Greeting each other in Spanish!

Learning to program and debug using Kodu