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Welcome to Autumn 1

This half term our learning challenge topic is based on a book called 'Azzi'. The story is about a girl called Azzi who is forced to flee her country due to war. It tells the story of her journey to to England, and the struggles she faces along the way. The topic will link nicely into geography and places around the world that are currently in crisis, not forgetting history and previous refugee crisis. Also, art and DT where children will have an opportunity to design and create their own refugee shelter.


Our science topic this half term is about water transportation in plants. We will be looking at how different plants transport water, and explore the fascinating process of both pollination and seed dispersal! We will be acting out the different processes in order to explain and retain the information.

We have worked hard the last two weeks with our place value and using this knowledge to order numbers.

Our amazing art week!

Welcome to Autumn 2!

This term our learning challenge question is Who were the Anglo Saxons? We will be looking at settlements and housing and how Anglo Saxon houses are different to ours. We will be looking at their daily life and how they lived/worked/ate.


Some key questions this half-term:

What was a Viking raid?

Who was Beowulf?

Who was Alfred the great?

How did the Saxons live?

What did the Saxons wear?

What happens at an Anglo Saxon burial?



This half-term we will be exploring rocks, soils and fossils. We will be learning about the different types of rocks igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rock. We will be looking at the properties of these rocks.


Key questions we will cover this half-term:


How are rocks formed?

Where does soil come from?

What is a fossil?

How are fossils made?

Are fossils still around today?

How do you make compost?


Christmas at Westglade

Here are some of our awesome topic homeworks linked to the Anglo-Saxons! Check out our homework on display in the key stage 2 corridor.

We had a brilliant day learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and exploring real life artifacts!