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Autumn 2 - How did Britain change from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?

Art Week


This week we have been exploring the art work of Kara Walker.




Do all materials have the same properties? Today we did a comparative test of different materials we found within the classroom! We had to predict whether or not we thought they would float, be transparent, were magnetic or could be squashed or stretched! Then came the fun part . . . we got to test them! We then recorded the actual results and compared them with our predictions. We found some results unusual such as a 1p coin was magnetic but a 5p or 50p wasn't. We then discussed why certain materials were better for different jobs.


In Maths this week we have been recapping learning from work we did in Year 2. We have been looking at the term 'equal groups' and using this to help us work out how many of something we have. Today, we represented a calculation in four different ways! We have been thinking about how multiplication is linked to repeated addition!

Learning Challenge


In our Learning Challenge lesson we looked at the mysterious rocks that form Stonehenge! We thought about what they might have been used for and how they were made considering people in prehistoric times had no tools or machinery! We looked at some different ideas about what the stone circle was used for and then had a go at recreating the monument using Base 10, Unifix cubes and Jenga blocks. We then labelled the different stones and added facts to our 3D models.



In English we have been learning all about persuasion and using persuasive language and techniques to persuade someone to buy something. We have been writing adverts to sell new products such as breakfast cereals, shampoo and even trainers!