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Autumn 2 - Just how great were the Greeks?

Hello and welcome to autumn 2! 


Our learning challenge topic this half-term is all about Ancient Greece! Step back in time as we learn about their way of life, food and their invention of the Olympic games and democracy!

An introduction to Ancient Greece

Watch this short introduction to our topic this half- term.


This half-term, your child will receive weekly homework that is linked to our spellings and maths learning in school. It is designed to be extra practise for the children and nothing new so they should be able to have a go independently but your support is appreciated where possible. Unfortunately, due to current circumstances we are not allowed to collect the homework in school. I ask that children are honest and have a go. We will be going through the homework in school and so it will be evident which children have had an attempt. Thank you in advance for your support.

We recreated the Ancient Greek Olympics using mosaics.

Ancient Greek Day!

Look at our awesome sketching of Ancient Greek Olympians!