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Autumn 2

Learning Challenge


We were lucky enough to have Mr Pepper come join us to help kickstart our new Learning Challenge topic ‘Would you rather live in North or South America?’ We learnt all about a famous explorer called Percy Fawcett who was one of the first people to travel the length of the Amazon river in South America to map out it’s route. Once he and his team of assistants had found the source, Percy made an amazing discovery. He found evidence that an ancient civilisation of people had lived there in a city that he named ‘The Lost City of Z’ However, people didn’t believe that people could have lived in the Amazon rainforest and his theories were ridiculed. He made many more ventures into the rainforest but sadly disappeared during one visit and was never seen or heard from again!



To kick off this half-term, we have been thinking about how we can make our brains grow! We learnt that your brain is like a muscle and the more that you exercise it, the bigger it will get! Miss Taylor set us a challenge to design and make a poster that would encourage other children not to give up and to think positively about their learning, even if they are finding something difficult. Our favourite sayings were ‘I can’t do it yet!’ and also ‘We do our best learning when we are finding something tricky!’ Take a look at what we came up with below 😀