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Autumn 2 - Are we still evolving?

Learning Challenge and Science

During Autumn 2, we have continued to build on our understanding of how Britain changed throughout the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age as well as exploring Darwin's Theory of Evolution. 

We created our own version of Stonehenge using clay after learning about what historians think about its different purposes.

Some examples of the homework projects where children created Stone Age/Iron Age dwellings.


Autumn 2 is the half term where we tackle fractions. We look at comparing and ordering fractions, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions and finding fractions of whole numbers. 



During this half term, we have written biographies about Michelle Obama, non-chronological reports about a made up creature using our knowledge of adaptation and inheritance and narratives based on the Christmas advert Bear and Hare. 

We visited Oakwood Academy for a transition event which included dance, drama, art and music lessons.