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Autumn 2 - How far can you dive before you implode?

Our incredible homework projects!

Today, we discovered that the digits in every number in the 9 times table add up to 9!

Using atlases to research rivers of the World

This week we have been looking at ways to represent multiplications and using multiplication as ‘groups of’.

Children in Need Maths

We recreated the size of the Whale Shark using our bodies (18m).

Welcome back to Autumn 2. This half term's topic is 'How far could you dive before you implode?' and we will look at Rivers and Coasts in more detail! 


In our Science lessons we will be learning about 'states of matter'; how things can change state over time and reversible and irreversible changes.


We will be continuing our clarinet lessons on Monday afternoons, we will be going Swimming on Tuesday mornings and will have P.E. on Wednesday afternoons throughout Autumn 2.


Our homework this half term will be a creative homework, however, children are still expected to read 4 times a week and will complete their spellings.


We hope you've had a wonderful break and look forward to seeing you back again,

Miss Beeden & Mrs Warnes

Geography Explorer: Rivers

Learn the names and interesting facts about rivers, you can play this game and see who can get the most correct!