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Autumn 2 - How far can you dive before you implode?

Observing heating and cooling of materials in Year 4 Magpies.

Science - is it a gas, solid or liquid?

Children in Need today

We have been continuing our work on Black History month and wrote a biography on Serena Williams.

In Science we have been learning about solids and liquids and created an informative guide for a younger audience.

Welcome back to Autumn 2. This half term's topic is 'How far could you dive before you implode?' and through our Geography sessions we will look at Rivers and Coasts in more detail! In our Science lessons we will be learning about 'states of matter'; how things can change state over time and reversible and irreversible changes.


In Maths we will be covering a block on Measurement: Length and Perimeter, followed by Number: Multiplication and Division. In English we will be looking at non-fiction texts on the William's sisters continuing on from Black History month, followed by narratives and persuasive letters.


We will be continuing our clarinet lessons on Monday afternoons and will have Dance with Mrs Bathgate on Wednesday afternoons throughout Autumn 2.


Our homework this half term will be a creative homework, however, children are still expected to read 4 times a week and will complete their spellings.


We will be welcoming Miss Armitage into class with us for the first 4 weeks back, she has already been with her for a week in Autumn 1. After Christmas she will then continue her placement in a different school before returning back to us in the last week of Spring 2.


We hope you've had a wonderful break and look forward to seeing you back again,

Miss Grafton, Mrs Rouke & Miss Armitage

Deep Sea Creatures - Nature's Microworlds

Geography Explorer: Rivers