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Autumn 2 - Past

Christmas Party

Mrs Clay's rabbit came to visit!

Fire Pit

Week beginning 5th December 2016

This week has started full of fun with a wonderful Tuesday afternoon decorating the gingerbread we baked on Monday. We were lucky to have so many parents come in and join us with decorating them - a massive thank you to all of them! 

On Wednesday we are having a fire pit and we are all very excited, let's hope the weather is good! 

Gingerbread decorating

Week beginning 28th November 
In Science this week we have been looking at edible plants! We tried lots of different ones and we didn't like very many (as you can see from our faces)!

We tried: mint, mint tea, parsley, basil, cress, thyme, rocket. 

Week beginning 21st November 2016

This week we have been finishing our wonderful Van Gogh paintings of sunflowers and we have practised our Christmas show lots! We have been learning lots about measuring in Maths and we have been using Room on the Broom in Literacy as we start to edit our writing. 

Fire pit practise

Measuring with cubes

Week beginning 14th November 

This week we have been outside lots! We have been outside finding and identifying different types of leaves, practising for our fire pit, and we have been following all sorts of instructions about directions in maths!

Here are some pictures of our leaf hunt....

For our work on Room on the Broom we looked at creating rhyming lists and rhyming sentences and we did such an amazing job Miss Ellis couldn't resist taking a few pictures to show off our writing!
In maths our independent challenge was to be able to send the beebots to our partner, which was quite tricky at times! We learnt that we had to press clear before giving it a new instruction or it went EVERYWHERE!

Thursday 10th November

This week we have been so busy! We have been learning our 3D shapes and trying to count how many faces, edges and vertices they have - so tricky!

Here are some pictures of us playing a fastest finger first shape game....

We have also painted the salt dough diva lamps we made last Friday for Diwali and Miss Ellis was very excited to get the glitter out!


Monday 7th November 

Today we looked at and wrote about the cress seeds we planted on Friday - did you know cress can grow on cotton wool?! We also started to talk about Robin Hood for our Learning Challenge work, finding out what we already know and then hearing different stories.

Friday 4th November

Today we went outside for maths with Miss Hollowell. We made two step and three step number patterns before coming back inside and looking at number patterns. While outside we had a lot of fun looking at the Autumn leaves - we even found some eggs!

Here are some of our patterns, can you work out what they are?

Welcome back to another half term in Badgers! This half term we are learning about plants in Science - perfect as the leaves change colour and start to fall. We will also be finding out about Robin Hood in our learning challenge! 

This half term we are joined by Miss Hollowell again who is continuing her final teaching placement. I am sure you will all make her feel very welcome!