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Autumn 2 - Past

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Christmas Party afternoon

Outdoor Maths

We have been learning about Chinese culture

We tried different foods too!

We had a special visit from Rupert the rabbit.

We used ipads throughout the week to practise our quick recall of number bonds.

We love role play at Westglade

Miss Morris set up different maths activities at the tables and we rotated around.

Decorating our biscuits with Mrs Pomeroy and some of our parents :)

Decorating our Diva Lamps

Trying mint tea!

Working as a team to measure in different ways

Capacity using rice (2nd Dec)

Working as a team to give clear positional language instructions.

As part of our learning about plants, Miss Morris brought in some different herbs for us to try. YUM!

Rosa Parks for Black History Month

We are growing grass and observing changes over time in Science.

For RE week we have been learning about Diwali and creating Diva lamps.

Learning about Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes' role.

Maths - practising using a ruler to create regular and irregular shapes.

A very warm welcome back to you after the October half term break. As the leaves on the trees are telling us, we are well into Autumn and are beginning to look towards the end of the year as Christmas slowly approaches. We have lots to look forward to this half term and we can't wait to get stuck in!


Our learning challenge question 'Would Robin Hood have seen sunflowers?' ties lots of exciting learning together for us this half term. In history we will be researching the life and times of Robin Hood. In Geography we will be begin using maps to locate Nottingham, England and the other countries and their capital cities in the UK. In Science we will be looking at the lifecyles of plants, identifying plants, growing plants and finding out more about trees and tree leaves. Remember to keep checking our blog page throughout the year as we will update you with pictures as we go along.


We also welcome Miss Morris into class Bumblebees this half term who will be completing her final teacher training placement with us. I'm sure you will make her feel very welcome. Some of you may already have seen her around school as she has paid us visits.


Miss Grafton, Mrs Warnes and Miss Morris :)

Robin Hood - Disney Story

This is Walt Disney's 'The Story Of Robin Hood' childrens story.

An introduction to Britain

Top 10 London Landmarks

It's a city fit for a Queen. The capital city of England is filled with fascinating spots that speak to the region's rich history and cultural diversity. If ever you plan a trip to jolly old England, we recommend you check at least some of these locations out.