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Autumn 2- 'Rivers and Coasts'

Welcome to Autumn 2!


During this term, we are going to be having a wide range of experiences and opportunities in class and around school. For our English this half-term, we are going to be giving our imaginations a thorough work out as we write our own fictional stories set in imaginary, far away lands; we will be exploring the importance of Remembrance Day and what it was like to grow up during the war; we will also be exploring a dilemma that occurs in 'The Simpsons', what should Bart do?


In our Maths sessions, we are going to be improving and refining our skills with perimeter and measuring, multiplication and division and, also, our times tables- we will see who can beat Mr Hallam in a times tables race!


For our Learning Challenge this half-term, we are exploring all things rivers and coasts. We will be taking a journey all around the world to uncover some fascinating facts about famous rivers and coastal resorts from all across the globe. We will be finding out how rivers are made; what a river is; how coastlines are made and answering the question 'Why does the sea never run out of water?'


In our Science sessions, we will be focusing on states of matter; carrying out many investigations on solids, liquids and gases. 


Keep an eye out for updates to see all of the great things happening in Falcons over the next coming weeks.

The Supporting Act- our Christmas big write

BBC One's Christmas short film - a story that illustrates the joy of a shared moment.

We're loving our floor gymnastics in Year 4. Look at us go!