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Autumn 2 - What are the essentials for every exceptional explorer?

Creating complete and incomplete circuits

It is cruical to keep up your good work in reading x4 a week (minimum) and practising daily your spellings and times tables.

Statutory government Y4 times tables testing summer 2020

What are the essentials for every exceptional explorer?

How do you beat a topic as exciting at the Vikings? By becoming explorers ourselves! Although the Vikings did a pretty good job at exploring and seeing the world, one trade or raid at a time - perhaps you can do better?


History: Which historial figures shapes exploration? How? Let's find out!


Geography: Linking closely to history, we will explore rivers and mountains, improve our geographical skills and fieldword and plan an expedition of our own.


English: We will be writing diary entries, letters, adventure narratives and much, much more!


Science: In Science we will be exploring electricity. What is it? Where does it come from? What forms does it take? We will create and test different types of circuits and problem solve.


Spanish: Last half term we recapped Y3 skills and introduced the family and animals. This half term we will move on to introducing our family members using 'se llama' telling the time and naming key fruits and vegetables. 



Age of Exploration

The Age of Exploration is so important in the world's history. Early explorers set out to find out what the world was like in other regions of the world. Here is some information about early exploration and the people who braved the unknown. Learn all about science and history with Studies Weekly at!

Electrical circuits and symbols | Physics - Live Lessons

Suitable for teaching 9-11s. A Live Lesson clip looking at electrical circuits and symbols. Subscribe for more Physics clips from BBC Teach on Wednesdays when we have them in: If you found this video helpful, give it a like. Share it with someone. Add the video to your own teaching playlists.