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Autumn 2 - What would you give for a golden ticket?

Welcome to Autumn term 2! We are all ready for another action packed half-term based around our class book Charlie and the chocolate factory. Our leading question being ‘What would you give for a golden ticket?’


We we will be looking to answer the following questions throughout the half term:

  • How is chocolate made?
  • Who is Charlie Bucket?
  • What makes a successful advert?
  • Where do cocoa beans come from?
  • How does chocolate go from bean to bar?
  • What happens when a book is turned into a film?



Science- Rocks and soil

This half terms science topic is all about the variety of rocks on the planet and their properties. We will also be looking at soil, where it comes from and how it is different all over the world. We have a tasty, science exploratory session lined up where you will need to use your knowledge of properties of rocks to categorise the different foods based on what rock they are pretending to be. 


PE and swimming

PE is every Thursday afternoon and provided it isn’t raining children will be outside, therefore need appropriate footwear for outdoor PE. Swimming will take place every Wednesday and children need to have appropriate swim wear and a towel each week. If your child wishes to wear goggles then please provide a signed note as permission for them to wear them.