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Autumn 2 - What's above the stars?

Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered what's out there? What's above them? How high can you go? Could you reach the edge of the universe? Is there even an edge? Is there life on any other planet? How many planets are there? Could you survive on Mars?


This half term we will be exploring some of life's big questions (some of which we may not be able to answer!) as we attempt to answer our learning challenge question: What's above the stars?


To kick off this half term, we have written about the strange beauty and incredible danger that is found on the planet Pandora! We have been learning to create fantastic descriptions using relative clauses to add extra detail!


We will be using the beauty of space as inspiration for our art project this half term as we create images of Earth and constellations using different mediums.


In science, we are learning about different forces and their effects. We are learning about gravity, air resistance, water resistance, friction and a whole host of others.


Our biggest challenge in maths this half term is multiples and factors. We will be learning about the relationship between them and the significance of prime numbers. We will also be learning about squared and cubed numbers.