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Autumn 2 - What's above the stars?

This half term our Learning Challenge question is 'What's above the stars?'. We will be learning all about the magnificent Solar System, where we fit into it, and how you could survive on a mission into Space! In Science, we will also be learning all about Forces and how they fit into the Solar System as well as creating Art based on Space.


In Maths, we will be looking at Multiplication and Division and Perimeter and Area this half term. In English, we will be writing a range of text types (diary entries, setting descriptions, narratives etc.). We will also be learning to use relative clauses, modal verbs and parenthesis. 


We will have PE twice weekly, on a Tuesday morning (Swimming), and a Wednesday afternoon (Dance). 


Our trip to the Space Centre is on Friday 29th November 2019.

Exploring Our Solar System: Planets and Space - Help support more content like this! Here is an in-depth introduction to the Solar System and the planets that are in it. From the sun to why poor Pluto is no longer considered a planet, come along for a ride across the Solar System and learn a ton of cool facts about Solar System!