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Autumn 2

How did the Anglo-Saxons live?

This half term we will delve back into the past to explore the lives of the Anglo-Saxons...

Anglo-Saxon's take over Westglade...

We were visited by an Anglo-Saxon who showed us lots of fantastic artefacts and taught us all about how Anglo-Saxon's lived. Bravely, we practised how Anglo-Saxon's defended themselves from invasions!

Our homework projects

We were challenged to show what we had learnt about the Anglo-Saxon's! We could make something, design something, write something or do anything our imagination thought of!

Look at our fantastic effort...

Not forgetting Jake's awesome PowerPoint presentation...


We have continued our work on addition and subtraction, looking mostly at how we can use inverse operations to solve missing number problems. We are challenging ourselves with multiplication and division focusing on our 3x, 4x, 8x tables (as well as recalling our 2x, 5x and 10x from Year 2!)

Autumn 1

Who is Azzi?

This half term our Learning Challenge question is based on a book called 'Azzi in Between'. The story is about a girl called Azzi who is forced to flee her country due to war. It tells the story of her journey to her new home, and the struggles she faces along the way. We have delved into the lives of refugees, exploring what life is like and their stories. We have been looking at the journey's that some refugees have to make in order to leave dangerous places and find safety.


Our writing in English this half term has been inspired by Azzi! We started by taking on the role of Azzi and writing a diary in first person. We had to empathise with her and tried to put ourselves in her shoes. Then we wrote letters to Grandma to let her know about our new life and that we are safe. Our final challenge was to retell the story of Azzi. Part of this is all about drawing on our Shared Reading where we have been looking at lots of other refugee stories.


We have been awesome in maths this half term. Our main topic is Place Value! Where we had to explore hundreds, tens and ones. This is building on our Year 2 learning about tens and ones. We used base 10 to help us understand the value of each digit in numbers and reasoned about what happens to them when you add and subtract. We then moved onto addition and subtraction and developed our skills of calculation.