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Mrs Bathgate is Westglade's Dance Teacher

It was great to have Mrs Bathgate back after being on maternity leave. She has started her amazing dance routines with Butterflies.
Miss Prendergast is our new Westglade Sports Coach
Miss Prendergast is teaching fundamental movement through games like dodge ball with Year 2 and Year 3
Our new teacher in Year 4 Miss Beeden has been teaching children how to gain physical stamina through a running club after school on Tuesdays

Westglade's Sports Ambassadors - Alex, Sienna, Jamie plus Sharmel from Owls Year 5

Take a look at the fun our Sports Ambassadors had in a training event at Harvey Haddon Sports Village on 11th October 2018

Westglade Football Team

On the 18th October our football team played Robin Hood and won 3 - 0 . They drew against Old Basford 2-2. Well done!

Westglade's next match at Southglade Leisure Centre Results

Westglade 9 and Gladehill 1

Westglade nil and Rise Park 4