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Mr Chambers has worked hard with our football team this term. Our team plays at Southglade Leisure Centre and here are some of their results.
Friday 17th November our Westglade Sports Ambassadors went to a Sports Conference at Harvey Haddon Village Centre.
Ladybirds are enjoying dancing like fireworks to link with their theme on Bonfire Night with Mrs Bathgate.
Sports Club after school on Tuesdays is great fun.
Year 5 ad 6 enjoy working with the footballers from Notts County.
Sparrows working on their core strength." Don't touch the snake! " said Mr Fearn.
On Thursday 12th October Mr Chambers went with the Westglade football squad to attend the Notts School FA Karnival Tournment at the Forest Ground
It's great to start the new term with Mrs Bathgate, our dance teacher engaging Westglade pupils in creative dance lessons linked to our Learning Challenges.

Sparrows moving to the Gruffalo Story

Look at our PE overview to see the range of PE learning experiences that Westglade pupils engage in.

Our new sport coach Mr Fearn will be teaching ABC fundamental movement skills. A = agility, B = balance and C = co ordination. 

Welcome to Westglade Mr Fearn

Our new Sports Ambassadors are from Year 5

Viandra, Amy, Henry and Quaide