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Recording our Maths

We are learning to record our Maths work by drawing the number or writing the numerals.

Recording our Maths

Christmas songs 

We are starting to learn our songs for our Christmas show.

Christmas songs


We are learning about how different people celebrate their weddings. We have thought about why people get married. We have looked at photos of different weddings and talked about what we notice.  We have set up a Wedding Planner role play area, made garlands with repeating patterns, made confetti using our fine motor control, written lists of food for a wedding, built buildings and cars, and written about pictures of weddings.

On Wednesdays at Maths Time we have been learning about Shape with Mrs Pomeroy. Sparrows went in search of different shapes in the playground and had great fun naming 2D and 3D shapes.

Moana dances

Here are two videos showing the dance we have been learning with Mrs Bathgate.  She split the class into two groups so that we could watch our friends do their fantastic dancing.  Mrs White has used YouTube to upload these videos using the private upload function - no one else can see these videos just you!

Moana group 2

Moana group 1

Owl Babies Picture Book Animation

We are reading this book in Sparrows this week (2-10-17)

We love construction

Learning our Autumn songs with Mr Sands

We love dancing with Mrs Bathgate

Part part whole modelling in Maths