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Learning Challenge


This term our Learning Challenge topic is 'Where in the World would you go?' and is based on a series of books by adventurer Alistair Humphreys called 'The Boy Who Biked the World'. We will be following the books narrator Tom on his journey around the world, covering our Geography objectives as we go. Some of the key learning and exciting enrichment is listed below:

  • Comparing the United Kingdom to countries around the world.
  • Understanding the Equator, longitude and latitude.
  • Using maps (good old fashioned paper maps and well as using Google Maps etc.) We will be using the Orienteering Course at Southglade Park to challenge our map reading skills.
  • Making banana sandwiches (Tom's favourite).
  • Designing and making our own folding chair prototypes. 

Banana Sandwiches - mixed reviews all round.