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Online Safety

The first half of our Computing lessons this half term are about online safety. This is a very important topic - particularly now you are using IT for learning.

Project 1 - How can I keep safe online?

We are going to start by recapping some key vocabulary. Look at the document below to refresh your brain!

Keep that vocab in your mind - it'll help!


Watch this video about the 'Smart Crew' - What are the key messages for keeping safe online?

Use 2Publish on PurpleMash (Check your 2do's) or a crayons, pen and paper, to create your own story to help someone keep safe online.

Stuck for an idea...

- Maybe somebody is about to open a email from somebody they don't know?

- A character might be asked to meet somebody online that they don't know?

- A character could be reading information on the internet - is it reliable?