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CURRENT Autumn 2 - If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

Art week


The children learned about the artist Andy Warhol and created their own sketches by experimenting with different lines, shapes and tone. Keep your eyes peeled for our printing this week!

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Remembrance Day


The children learned all about Remembrance Day this week, and created beautiful artwork to celebrate.

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Autumn 2

Welcome back to a fantastic half term! We hope you all had an amazing half term holiday, and are refreshed and ready for the exciting learning that will be taking place.


Learning Challenge

This half term, our new question is 'If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?'. We will be exploring the story of Aladdin, and looking at wishes that would relate to things we need and things we want, which relates to our PSHE. For Geography, we will be learning about the hot and cold places of the world, including the equator. We also have an art week, whereby the children will be learning about the artist Andy Warhol, and they will be creating art in his style. Later on in the half term, we will then be relating our three wishes to Christmas, and creating sliding Christmas cards for the children to take home.



Our Science this half term is continuing with everyday materials. We will be grouping materials based on their properties, and carrying out simple tests to see which materials are waterproof.



In our English lessons we will continue to practise using phonics to support our writing, as well as learning about different punctuation, including full stops, capital letters and question marks. Our first two texts that we will be reading are by the fantastic author, Julia Donaldson. We will be reading 'Room on the Broom' and 'Monkey Puzzle'.

In shared reading, the children will be asked questions about the texts to check their understanding. They will be using the vocabulary fiction and non fiction to describe what type of text they are reading, as well as discussion the author, illustrator and front cover.



This half term's maths will be focussing on subtraction with numbers up to 10, learning the names of 3D and 2D shapes, and understanding the place value of numbers up to 20. To support your child's learning in maths you could practise daily counting, and writing the symbols for addition and subtraction.