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Spring 2 - How could we deliver the lighthouse keeper their lunch?

A beautiful picture of the great outdoors to keep everyone smiling

Have a go at making your own lighthouse using cardboard, paper, toilet roll tubes and colours.

Hedgehogs had a fantastic time at the classroom beach learning about the surrounding seas of the UK. 



We went outside to explore and identify the plants that were on our school grounds. We found daisies, clovers, nettles and some daffodils that were just starting to grow.

Monday 2nd March 2020


The children were fantastic at describing the food that had been left in our classroom from The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. We had words such as delicious, yummiest and freshest. 

Spring 2

Welcome back to a brand new half term. We have lots of new learning taking place, and exciting weeks such as, sustainability week, Science week and R. E weeks. For sustainability week, we will be exploring the use of palm oil and looking at the story 'There's a Rang-Tan in my Bedroom'. Keep checking the diary for any updates as the term progresses, and please don't hesitate to speak to Miss Hyde or Mrs Mitchell if you have any questions. This half term we will also have a student teacher who will be in all half term working with the children. Her name is Miss Wood.


Learning Challenge

Our new question is 'How can we deliver the lighthouse keeper his lunch?'. Within this question we will be learning all about Grace Darling, and what she did for history. We will then explore the countries of the UK and their surrounding seas, as well as creating our own lighthouse towards the end of the half term. Plastic bottle donations are welcome!



Our new science topic is plants this half term. We will be looking at a variety of different plants and trees to learn the name of them, as well as the names for the different parts. We will then be growing our own plants, some of which the children will be able to take home and eat.



In English this half term we are focussing on suffixes, -er, -est,-ed,-ing as well as writing our own endings to stories. The children will continue to practise using their capital letters, full stops and phonics when writing. Moreover, they will be writing a non fiction piece about Grace Darling as a cross curricular piece of writing in week 4. To support your child's learning, please continue to practise their spellings. New spellings will be sent home on the first Friday back.



This half term we are continuing to learn numbers up to 50. In week 2, we will move on to measurement by looking at length, height, weight and volume. The children will be measuring using different equipment and compare different measurements. For example, the tree is taller than the fence. To support your child's learning, please practise counting and writing numbers up to 50.