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Online Safety


During this time when children are accessing a lot online, whether that be by phone, tablet, laptop or other device, it is really important to ensure the safety of your children.  Please click on the link below for more guidance:

Miss Browne found this story that talks about our feelings regarding the Coronavirus.  It is a lovely short book about our feelings and that it's ok to feel sad or worried.  We thought it might be of use to read to your little ones during these strange times.


Click on the link below to find the e-story:

Sharing our learning outside of school


Hello everyone!  Thank you to everyone that has emailed Bertie photos of the children and what they have been up to.  It is so lovely seeing your learning and being creative.  You make us all so proud at Westglade!


If you would like to see your achievements on the website, please email Bertie!  We look forward to seeing all the lovely things you have been up to.

Even more learning from home!

Lots of you have been in touch to share photos of what you have been doing at home.  There is so much learning going on in all these photos...even if you don't think there is!  Keep the photos coming in!

Celebrating our learning at home

During the Easter holidays, you might like to access some of these things to keep our little Bees entertained and engaged.


9:00 PE with Joe Wicks on You tube  
9:30 Wildlife with Steve Backshall on facebook Answering wildlife questions and more
11:00 Science with Maddie Moate on you tube  Chatting about science and nature
11:00 Storytime with David Walliams
11:30 Dance with Oti Mabuse on facebook Children can view at anytime


Remember that you can look through any of the videos again and also you can go on Purple Mash!  Below are some links that you find useful too! Keep safe and keep washing those hands!

Friday 3.04.20
Morning Bees, it is your last day before the Easter Holidays. Hope you find some fun things to do whilst off school. Wishing you a Happy Easter. Don't eat too many Easter eggs. Hope you enjoy the activities today. Happy Learning!!

Fruit Game

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Nursery Rhymes

Thursday 2.04.20


Hello everybody!  Lots of people have started to message us and letting us know how they are getting on.  Have we heard from you?  Remember you can email us (Bertie's account) or message us on the Purple Mash blog page.  You can also talk to each other and give each other ideas to keep you lovely little ones busy!


Here is a story to watch and listen to.  It's slightly longer so it's in 2 parts!

The Emporer's egg part 1


The Emporer's egg part 2


Maths Dinosaur Patterns

Wednesday 1st April


Good morning Bees.  Another dinosaur story for you today..Dinosaurs in my school.  We know we had at least one dinosaur in our school because it left us an egg did it?!  At the end of the story I show you some of my creations, making my own type of dinosaur - The TURNERSAURUS! Can you make your own dinosaur and name it after you!!


The other video for today is a phonics session looking at rhyming.  What do you know that rhymes with frog? (Fog, cog, bog, blog) What about sock? (lock, knock, dock) Can you make up any rhymes? (Rog Mog, sog).


We hope you have another lovely day!  Remember to stay safe, keep washing your hands!

Dinosaurs in my school


Phonics - rhyming


Tuesday 31.03.20


Hello everybody! I hope you are all well.  My girls and I have been enjoying dancing to the Bees dance track!  Our favourites so far are 'Little butterfly' and 'Dinosaur Stomp'.  Why don't you try one of these dances?  They are easier than the Joe Wickes' workout and definately geared for 3-4 year olds! 


The two videos today are a Maths session, comparing amounts and matching with plates.  Maybe you could have some plates ready to continue after the video?  Then there's a story 'Rumble in the jungle' with a bonus song at the end!

Maths - subitising and matching


Rumble in the Jungle


Monday 30.03.20


Good morning Bees!  I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and that you were able to enjoy the sunny weather (even if it was a little windy!) Today in the phonics video, we will be looking at the 'c' sound.  I wonder whether you could look around your home for things beginning with 'c', then drawing it in your jotters and write a 'c' alongside?  Some things you might have in your homes - cat, carpet, coke, can, candle, coat, cardigan, cup.

Phonics with Mrs T


Dinosaur day out - story time


Friday 27.03.20

Morning Bees, what a lovely day again. Hope you enjoy the sunshine. Maybe today you could use those lovely new pencil crayons to draw a picture in your jotter.Tomorrow is the weekend so time off from nursery learning. Mrs Turner and Mrs Pomeroy will be back next week with some more activities. Bye for now.

10 Little Dinosaurs Song

Thursday 25.03.20


Good morning everybody!  We have another lovely sunny day!  Try and get out if you can..maybe you could create a map on paper adding in all the things that are in your garden/on your street that you can see out of the window!  Make the most of this glorious sun!

Yesterday I was in school and saw Mrs Deller - she very kindly let me record her reading a story - JUST FOR YOU! Enjoy!

Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs

25.03.20 Mrs D story time

Bees don't forget to go on Purple Mash. You all have your username and password. Use the paint program in Mini Mash. Remember there are lots of pictures to choose from on the washing line. Also you can click on the trays and find your name and save your wonderful pictures in your very own tray.

Wednesday 25.03.20

Hello Bees!  It is Wednesday today and today you have a phonics session and a story time with me!  Have a look at Purple Mash if you haven't already.  Follow the link I sent through Marvellous Me and join other parents and staff.  You can talk to each other too!  On Purple Mash there is also Mini Mash which the children have already explored with Mrs Pomeroy in class.  They could create some virtual underpants for the dinosaurs?!

Phonics with Mrs T


The Squirrels who squabbled


Tuesday 24.03.20


The link video below is the maths!  Enjoy learning about 4 and patterns!

Mrs T Maths

24. 03.20

The Dinosaur story time




Hi everyone!  I have been out with other members of staff to deliver any home packs that children had not received.  Hope fully everyone can get on the website and see the links.  If you are in touch with any other Bees, could you let them know about this so that everyone can get access.  Thank you!


So today I am putting on a link with a story for today, but also a phonics session.  It is only a short session, but will help the children have a little normality.  Please encourage them to join in with me!

Phonics with Mrs T


10 little dinosaurs

Mrs T story time 23.03.20

Hello Bees!


We hope you found the home packs helpful!  We have tried to make some things that can be used again and again like the 'whiteboard' and laminated names and numbers.  During our time away from school, we will update on here and give you some ideas and be in touch to help you.  Our ideas will mainly be linked to getting moving, being creative and trying to get outside.  We will post some stories that we've read and sing songs that we hope the children will join in with (to cover our voices!). 


Keep looking at the website.

Keep safe.


To get you started:

The body coach has announced that he will be doing a PE session live on his you tube page at 9am every morning Monday-Friday.  This might be something you want to look at to kick start the morning!  Just type in 'The body coach TV' in to you tube and you will see it!

Mothering Sunday 22.03.20

Hello everyone and Happy Mothering Sunday!  I have recorded a message and story for the lovely Bees.  If you click on the web link below you should be able to see and hear it.  Sorry in advance for it being me on the screen, but hopefully the children will enjoy seeing it!  I will message you on Marvellous Me everytime I upload something, but keep an eye on the website just in case I forget!

Dinosaurs love underpants!

Week one - story focus

22.03.20 Another story!

Here is another story...just in time for bed!  I recorded it this morning, but a lot of people are using the internet so it took a little longer than expected!  I have been enjoying the sunshine and doing a bit of gardening.  I hope that you all manage to get out in the fresh air - I find it helps!  I am so pleased to see that some of you have seen and enjoyed the earlier post!  I will continue to post, but no more today after this one! Enjoy!

Six Dinner Sid

Mrs T storytime